Machu Picchu & the Galápagos
Lima • Cuzco • Machu Picchu • Galápagos • Quito      
OAT:  7/18 - 8/3, 2015
Train ride through Urubamba Gorge • Explore Machu Picchu:
After breakfast this morning, we visited and sampled local brewed corn beer,  then continued to Ollantaytambo, where we boarded the train to Machu Picchu.
The train ride took a bit less than two hours and offered spectacular views into the gorge of the Urubamba River.

The train brought us to the town of Aguas Calientes, from where we then drove to the ruins. This drive took about a half an hour,
as we followed a zigzag route up a steep hill.

We were given a complete and compelling look at the fabled “Lost City of the Incas,”
which was discovered in 1911 by Yale archaeologist (and later, U.S. Senator) Hiram Bingham.
Subsequent discoveries (such as Bingham's later unearthing of the Inca Trail and the 1941 discovery of nearby Huayna Picchu)
suggest that Machu Picchu was not simply a “lost city” but part of a whole “lost region.” More than 172 tombs have been excavated,
and in 2002 Peruvian archaeologists uncovered the first complete burial site, with a woman's skeleton, bronze pins, and a clay pot.
然後我們在 Ollantaytambo 當地街道逛了一下才去火車站搭車去 Machu Picchu,
火車路線邊是 Urubamba River,風景很好。

我們將在 Machu Picchu 當地過一夜,所以我們在上火車前,行李已經分成三份,
一份送去 Machu Picchu 結束後的下一站旅館,一份送去 Machu Picchu 當地我們今晚將過夜的旅館,

我們一下火車,馬上轉搭 Machu Picchu 的汽車,開到 Machu Picchu 的大門口,導遊買票進去裡面參觀。
我們一直在 裡面玩到五點關門時刻才出來,回旅館休息,
這家人養了很多豚鼠 (Guinea pig ),豚鼠(Guinea pig) 是當地人的一道佳餚。
去火車站搭車去 Machu Picchu,
一下火車,馬上就坐汽車開到 Machu Picchu 門口,進去參觀。
Lookout Post
The Temple of the Sun
The Main Temple (The Principle Temple)
Intiwatana (Sacred District / Barrio Sagrado)
The Royal Tomb
The Fountains
temple of the condor